Punish me and Use My Body as a Canvas for our Emotion for 1 hour

My Body as Canvas

This NFT can be redeemed once by the holder to use my body as a canvas of expression and release anger and tension from stress. The holder can tie me up, blindfold me, spank me on my but, and gag me while experiencing the unblocking of the sacral chakra. One photograph is allowed with this Experience and one new mint, but you can keep the Vika Wang NFT to cherish your release. The photograph you have made of my tied and gaged body can be used to mint into your unique Vika Wang NFT.


Make an Appointment

Send a Whatapp message to +62 859-5504-3905 with requested appoinment time. If we agree, go to step 2


Show Proof of Purchase


Show Transaction number and time of credit card payment and send to Whatapp +62 859-5504-3905. To recieve the NFT you will need to create a wallet on the BSC (we recomend Metamask). The NFT will be sent to you within 24 hours of providing your BSC wallet address.


To redeem this NFT, it must be associated with a new purchase.  Send a Whatapp message to +62 859-5504-3905 with NFT screenshot and your wallet address to confirm the appointment. The NFT can only be redeemed once. 


Validate NFT

New NFT purchase must be from Galileo BSC address: 0xb815E3DC864e2886B4758b01bEb3A3bdf02CF570 to be valid